Our Mission

Our mission is to offer everyday families and households advanced design solutions for new kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and counter tops, roofs, or patios and provide the best customer service in support of every client, every step of the way.

Our Business

Master in Design is a home remodeling company that specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, tiling and counter tops, and roofing.  We know that in remodeling your home, we are helping you in a very important change in your life.  Therefore, our sole focus is to work with you and be there for you throughout the whole process.  From day one, we emphasis our personal attention to you to ensure that all of your options are 100% clear, that you are completely knowledgeable about the process, that all of your questions are answered, and that every potential bit of stress that may come from remodeling your home is relieved.  We will be by your side until you are satisfied with every detail and every element of your remodeling job.

Our creative eye and practical approach is also key when it comes to the design of your new kitchen, bathroom, roof, patio, or other room.  Every job we tackle is wholly unique and fits the specifications of your taste and personality and the space that is being remodeled. At Master in Design, we emphasize your remodel as a design project that will refresh your home and your life.   We are like an interior designer with a hammer.

Our Owner

Avi Vaknin has over 10 years experience in the home remodeling business.  Avi opened Master in Design because he felt not enough construction and remodeling companies emphasized the needs of the client.  Avi knows that remodeling parts or all of your home is a hard decision to make, can be financially difficult for some, and can be a stressful process without the proper information and guidance.

Avi has ensured that Master in Design is first and foremost and customer service company, and secondly a remodeling company.  Avi is a designer by training and a contractor by practice and combines those two passions to offer creative design ideas and reliable construction processes and techniques.  Avi regularly visits every Master in Design construction site and all his clients are invited to be in touch with him directly with any questions at any point in the job.  Avi personally signs off on the completion of every project and has the highest standards for his work.